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Coinciding – Yi-Yun Chang


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Dimension: 260 x 260 mm
Pages: 156 pages
Language: English,日文,中文
Photographers: Yi Yun Chang 張譯云
Year of Publication: 2018
Printing: Offset Print in Colors.
Limited Edition: 500 ( signed )

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The series of 《coinciding》, from Taiwanese Female Photographer Yi-Yun, Chang, aims to reflect those artificial sceneries and the hard-to-define aesthetics in nowadays life, surrounding us everywhere. Yi-Yun, Chang had done field observation on graffiti sites and visited abandoned architectures since older generations around Taiwan. Then she makes the balanced visual combination through photography ingeniously, from traces on the walls, which left essentially by time, to the colorful graffiti scenes, and our daily life equipment.

Yi-Yun Chang’s photography is actually just like the way she is. She seems to keep well balanced between two seemed contradictory characters. The fusion of self-examination and questioning, therefore, has hatched the “Coinciding” here. In every picture, she does it intentionally to set the objective landscape and the subjective painting in a frame together, leading our heart to find a way to warm it. Then, our heart would be full of joy and be able to see the harmonious order in the disorder.

「Yi-Yun herself as a photographic artist actually is the perfect version of Coinciding… 」

《浮視繪》張譯云 (Yi Yun Chang)



「譯云本身其實就詮釋了浮視繪…… 」