About Us

WOB PHOTOBOOK STUDIO was established in 2016. It was founded by Ong Hean Kuan from Penang, Malaysia, and Eden Lai from Keelung, Taiwan. We are the Indie publisher, specialized in developing the photobook and photozine projects, in terms of design, editing, printing, distributing and publishing. We are looking forward to explore for the new ideas, and open to collaborating with the various artists, publishers or institutions.

Artists in our WOB Publications
Davide Mandolini,
Eden Lai,
Fábio Miguel Roque,
Jay Tang,
Kenny Ng,
Kuan-Hsien Lin,
Ong Hean Kuan,
Peter Oey,
Teresa Chang,
Yi-Yun Chang.

Bookstores Distribution

Artland Bookstore 亞典藝術書店,
Books.com.tw 博客來,
Eslite.com 誠品書店,
Garden City Bookstore in Taipei 田園城市風格書店,
IRead 灰熊愛讀書,
King stone 金石堂書店,
Orbital Books in Tainan 目圍書店,
Sanmin 三民書店,
Sea To See Bookafé in Keelung 見書店,
Taaze 讀冊生活,

United States
Family Bookstore,

SO Books,
Books F3,
LVDB Books,

Dasi Bookshop,

Mano Plus in Penang,
Gerak Budaya Bookshop in Penang,
ARECA BOOKS in Penang.

If you are the bookstores and interested in getting our publications, please feel free to contact us.