Orient & Occident dual zine – Peter Oey, Hean Kuan Ong, Fábio Miguel Roque and Eden Lai

Four picture hoarders from The Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal and Taiwan, all book lovers and self-publishers, wanted to share their lust for pictures and the pleasure of the presentation in print.

But above all we where curious how the mix from our photographs from the West and the East would look like in a book when brought all together. The multi-faceted photographed bits of our surroundings are presented in two photo-zine interpretations.



Dimension: 148 x 210 mm
Pages: 62 + 40 pages (2 zines)
Language: English / 中文
Photographer: Peter Oey, Hean Kuan, Fábio Miguel Roque, Eden Lai.
Year of Publication: 2017
Printing: Printed in Black and White, staple bind + perfect bind 2 zines.
Limited Edition: 100
Price: Euro 30 ( shipping fees included )

This book will be shipped from Taiwan.