• Orient & Occident

    Four picture hoarders from The Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal and Taiwan, all book lovers and self-publishers, wanted to share their lust for pictures and the pleasure of the presentation in print. 四個攝影同好來自於荷蘭、馬來西亞、葡萄牙與台灣,我們都是攝影書迷和獨立出版人;彼此都抵擋不住分享照片的慾望,最終決定以攝影合集的方式來呈現與抒發。

    by Peter Oey, Hean Kuan Ong, Fábio Miguel Roque and Eden Lai dual zine, 145 x 205 mm, 62 + 40 pages Softcover, Chinese/English

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