Photobook: Penang Record 2015

This photobook records the precious moments of a chronograph solo-traveller from Keelung, Taiwan of the first meeting with his local friends in Penang, Malaysia. They began the journey together with diverse perspectives of “local” + “foreign” and marked the journey with a compilation of their photography works.

此攝影書記錄著來自 台灣·基隆 的記時旅人隻身赴 馬來西亞·檳城 與初見面的當地友人,共同以“在地”+“外地”的視角集結出的作品。

Photobook Sentiments:

The settings of photographic parameters and the golden composition rule of thirds doesn’t apply here, we have only the inspiration drive and the passion for authentic preservations! This is the blend of intuitive and attitude.

The one and only common criteria that chained the three photographers with cultural diversities and shooting styles is none other than – Attitude.

Today, it may be just an ‘attitude’, however, in the near future, it might be known as a “style” in the photography terminology.






Dimension: 148 x 210 mm
Pages: 144 pages
Language: Duo English & Chinese (中英文雙語版)
Photographers: Kenny Ng, Eden Lai, Hean Kuan
Year of Publication: 2016
Printing: Printed in Black and White


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