About Us 關於我們:

We are the street photographers from Malaysia and Taiwan.



Members 成員們:

Kenny NgUncover the forgotten through light and shadow / 在光和影子里找回被遗忘的人事物

Light and shadow are the born nature easily available, the sentimental feeling and natural touch of light and shadow bring unique senses for photography.

I’ve chosen photography. I love black and white photograph that sometimes emits surreal taste and feelings with its faded colour showing a strong sense of beauty that projects an illusionary view.

在生活中可以輕易享受到光和影子的存在, 那種自然和舒服的感覺,其實也是攝影的本質之一。喜欢黑白影像,有時候會散發出超現實的味道, 因為它褪去了色彩,呈現強烈的美感和不真實感。

Flickr : Kenny


Hean KuanPhotograph, it carries memory that doesn’t fade / 照片,承載永不退色的記憶

Sometimes, you may not recognise the images in the photographs but they are still able to evoke your memories…Sometimes you tend to recall something might be totally irrelevant from what is shown in a photograph.

In fact, photograph is just a symbolic existence that unleashes your thoughts.

This is my faith in photography.




portfolio: heankuan.tumblr.com


Eden Lai【Camera, a tool to experience life / 相機只是我用來體會生活的媒介】

When I walked at the street holding my camera, I appreciate the creations of God and the every present moment…

I see myself as a thief and my camera is the tool for me to steal, I steal in a split second by capturing the scene when no one pays attention of my existence.

This is how I deal with photography.




fb: Eden Lai


Jay Tang【Street photography is a pathway to discover myself / 街頭攝影是一場自我探索的歷程】

I like to take photo at the streets, it is the deepest desire at the bottom of my heart. By triggering the camera shutter,  it filled the void. Street photography is a key to understand myself even more.

I am the desire, street is the stage for me to express myself.



fb: Jay Tang