photo zine: Monochrome

“My photography is a continuing process.
It’s about collisions between the unexpected and obscure.”

These images were not meant to document the people, objects or sceneries that happened in the present, but to capture the images that had passed. My photographs collect the resonance of my inner self, containing a mix of memories and curiosity in a daily dose.

To turn that resonance into a pure significant image I needed to record frequently. During this process, the amount of captured images increases. This introduces many thoughts, doubts and insights for me from time to time.

I question what is photography? How should I interpret photography?
I searched the answers by continuously shooting and then realised that photography is not going to provide the answer.

I lived within the obscure capturing the unexpected that occurs in my life. It’s an ongoing conversation between me and my daily life.


這本攝影集,來自於作者Eden Lai曾有當漫畫家的夢想,但踏入社會職場上,面臨不順遂的生活助長內心那份糾結與自卑,壓抑的情緒在尚未與攝影相遇時完全仰賴逛街購物作為情緒消化的出口。



Dimension: 210 x 297 mm
Pages: 40 pages
Language: English
Photographer: EDEN LAI (Taiwan)
Year of Publication: 2016
Printing: Printed in Black and White, Softcover, Laser Printing
Limited Edition: 20 ( sold out )
Price: NT600
Shipping fees: NT200

Note: This book will be shipped from Taiwan